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Current Transformer

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Current Transformer

Current Transformer

Current transformer business section

      1, Introduction:

  • En-Liang's current transformer (CT) business section was founded at 2008 April.
  • The products are designed to meet IEC, JEC, ANSI and AS regulations by Japanese and Domestic specialist
  • Quality assurance: All the confirmed tests (expect Short circuit test) could be done at En-Liang.

2, Organization

3, Testing equipments:

  • Construction Test
  • Polarity Test.
  • Verification of Terminal markings.
  • Insulation resistance.
  • Power-Frequency Withstand Voltage Test
  • .Inter-turn Overvoltage Test.
  • Secondary Winding Resistance Test.
  • Accuracy Test.
  • Instrument Security Factor Test.
  • Rated Knee Point e.m.f. and Max.Exciting Current Test .
  • Turns Raito Error.
  • Temperature rise test
  • BIL test
  • Short circuit test

        4, We can produce BCT at following range of equipments and performance

    • Equipments:
    • Secondary win ding machine: OD:3000mm, Height:300mm
    • Temperature rise test: 4000A
    • Accuracy Test:0.2S
    • Power-Frequency Withstand Voltage Test :100kV
    • Inter-turn Overvoltage Test:20000V(peak)
    • BIL: 300kV
    • Partial Discharge: 50kV

    • Performance:
    • Temperature rise test :2500:1A *1.5RF(3750A)
    • Accuracy test: 1800:1A 0.2S
    • Inter-turn Overvoltage Test: 10000V(peak)

    5, Real projects:

Main Products:
Bulk Molding Compound, Epoxy Molding Compound, Electrical Insulator, Polymer Insulator, Epoxy Insulator, Insulation Material, Conductive Material, Bus Bar Support, OEM Insulation Molding Parts, Engineer Plastic Parts

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